Today's Reality

Today, many of our institutions, both private and government, collect far too much information about private individuals, often without our consent. This is partly because technological innovation has outpaced regulation. Social media's explosive growth - especially among younger people - is changing what privacy means to you.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has this perspective: Read More

Who are Data Brokers?

As we go about our daily lives we engage in a variety of online and offline activities that reveal personal information about us. Every activity, no matter how mundane it may seem is of interest to someone. Someone is paying attention as we use our using our mobile devices, browse the Internet, make purchases (online or at a store), use social media, shop for a home or car, subscribe to a magazine, or literally anything else. And as we interact with our institutions all of this information gets collected, and in many instances gets sold to data brokers. Read More

Source: The US Federal Trade Commission, May 2014

Who Buys Information from Data Brokers And For What Reason?

  Direct Marketing Online Marketing Marketing Analytics Identity Verification Fraud Detection People Search
Alternative Payment Providers i        
Attorneys & Investigators          
Automotive Industry      
Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers ii      
Debt Collection        
Data Brokers  
Educational Institutions      
Government Entities  
Individual Consumers          
Insurance Companies    
Lenders/Financial Services Firms
Marketing/Advertising Firms
Non-profit Entities/ Political Campaigns    
Pharmaceutical Firms      
Real Estate Services      
Retail Companies
Technology Companies iii    
Telecom Companies iv    
i. Alternative Payment Providers include companies who provide consumers with alternative methods of payment rather than traditional methods such as checks or credit cards.
ii. Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers include companies that manufacturer items that consumers use and have to replace frequently, such as food and beverages, apparel, and household products.
iii. Technology Companies include hardware companies, software companies, Internet companies, and other telecommunication companies
iv. Telecom Companies include telephone, mobile, cable and satellite television providers, and other

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