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Today, many of our institutions, both commercial and government, collect far too much information about private individuals, often without our consent. This is partly because technological innovation has outpaced regulation. That is why you need to stay informed of technological advancements and understand the privacy issues.

Learn more about what should be your privacy priorities and stay informed about companies who collect information about you.

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Tons of privacy information exists, but it’s very fragmented and scattered across the internet and hard for the average consumer to act upon. So, I (Privacy Steward) have made it my mission to find, review, and distill this information into meaningful and actionable data and actions you can take today.

Throughout this website you'll find, clear, easy-to-take privacy actions that will empower you to take charge of your digital rights, protect your family and, join others in making a difference.

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We all want the benefits of new technologies, but only with the confidence that our companies and government will use information about us fairly and responsibly.

Learn more about privacy regulations, your rights, and bills pending action in congress. Stay informed about industry and government privacy programs, and find links right here to the best privacy resources - privacy tools and services, websites, news/blogs, and more.

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